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    July 7, 2013
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complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. oh, my god. oh, my god. >>. >> tonight we are seeing the first images of the moment of impact of asiana's flight 214 at sfo. >> i thought i was going to die. >> good evening. i'm ken wayne. >> hello, everyone. i'm heather holmes. the clearest video yet of yesterday's deadly asiana
airlines crash at sfo surfaced today taken from a park in millbrae. the boeing jumbo jet with 300 passengers and crew crash lands, pirouettes, skids and comes down into a field to rest as dust flies. we showed this video to a retired airline captain who has made many landings at sfo. >> he's coming in pretty nose high and it looks like he's short. the approach apparently might have been a bit slow. possibly the airplane in front of them might have created wake turbulence. that's the other thing that could have happened because of slight cross-wind. that wind turbulence is going to stay around for a long time. >> the ntsb has just started to release the first pictures their investigators have taken at the crash site. inside the cabin all the seats are mangled. it is notable there does not seem to be any burned areas.
other images show the outside of the plane and including the landing gear. we have learned much more today about the crash, the investigation and the status of sfo. >> the ntsb says both flight data and voice recorders, the black boxes, have been found in good condition and it is already gaining clues about the crash from those recorders. we also learned that sfo reopened a third runway today, but the fourth runway remains closed as investigators look through the wreckage there. we now know that the two passengers who died were just 16-year-old girls from china. they were with a group of children or kids going to a summer camp in southern california. >> we have live team coverage from our crew on the scene. >> reporter: i've learned the head of the ntsb is here at san francisco international airport. today we learned important
details about what happened leading up to yesterday's crash. we've learned essentially that a plane was going far too slow for being so low and that the pilot's first reaction to that dire circumstance came just seconds before the crash. >> look at that one. look how its nose is up in the airport. >> reporter: this video taken of asiana flight 214 coming in for a landing shows the final seconds of the plane's approximately 12 hour long journey. this afternoon the head of the national transportation safety board laid out the timeline for what happened ling up to the deadly crash. much of the information comes from the black boxes, flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder. >> a call from a crew member to increase speed was made approximately seven seconds prior to impact. >> reporter: seven seconds out, that's the first indication anything was wrong. three seconds later the pilots get a warning in the cockpit called a stick shaker.
the yoke used by the pilots vibrates and there's a loud automated warning that the plane is about to stall. >> throttles are advanced a few seconds prior to impact and the engines appear to respond normally. >> reporter: with less than two seconds before the plane hits land the pilot calls out for a go around. >> that means they want to not land but apply power and go around and try to land again. this call came 1.5 seconds before impact. >> reporter: the plane's speed appears to be key here. it was supposed to be going 137 knots, but the ntsb says it was traveling far slower than that. >> i will tell you that the speed was significantly below 137 knots and we're not talking about a few knots. >> reporter: when asked specifically the head of the
ntsb wouldn't say how slow the plane was going, but our ktvu sources say the plane was traveling at about 90 knots. when asked if pilot error is to blame for what happened this afternoon, the ntsb said it is far too early to make such conclusions. as for the dramatic video we've shown you that's new to us today, we asked the ntsb if it's seen it. agents told us they are aware the video exists but do not have a copy and say they'd like to see it for themselves. also there's late information on one of the two teenage girls who died here at sfo yesterday. late this afternoon we spoke with the san francisco fire department. they tell us in the rush to get to the scene in the moments after the crash one of the two young girls may have been run over by one of the rescue rigs that came here to the scene. sfr would not tell us if that was the case or which department may have hit the young girl. as we've shown you, the crash left so many people devastated and left survivors essentially
with nothing. kara lu has been following this part of the story as the chinese consulate in san francisco is helping the more than 100 chinese citizens on board that night. kara is live in burlingame. these people were left without anything, not even passports or other important information. >> reporter: a lot of their documents burned and the consulate was trying to help many passengers with that today. we did learn about 60 chinese citizens on the plane were part of two student groups here for educational summer camps. the students were supposed to meet with the consulate general in san francisco earlier today, but that kept getting delayed and then we were told it was being shifted here to the crowne plaza hotel in burlingame because of a meeting with the ntsb that the students needed to be at. as you can see at the gate here, there are some staff in the parking lot turning away reporters and cameras at the entrance.
both the consulate general and a spokesperson talked to reporters at the chinese consulate earlier today confirming two chinese students were killed in the crash. the victims had been on their way to a two-week summer camp in california. >> the two girls are from the same high school and they are very young girls and they're here for the supper camp and we're really very saddened -- summer camp and we're really very saddened for their tragedy. >> reporter: the students have been identified in online chinese news reports as ye meng yuan and wang lin jia. both students were 16 years old. these photos show anxious parents waiting in china as well as a notice from asiana airlines to city officials identifying the girls who were killed. another website shows photos of the two teens. one passenger who was trying to replace his travel documents told us through a translator his wife suffered a foot injury
so bad that she can't walk right now. [ speaking chinese ] >> reporter: the consulate gentles us that the parents of the two teen -- gentles us that the parents of the two -- general tells us that the parents of the two teenage girls will be here. live in burlingame carol lu, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the president of asiana airlines offered a dramatic apology today at a news conference in seoul saying, "i am bowing my head and extending my deep apology." to the passengers, their families and the south korean people over the crash. he said it will take some time before investigators determine what caused the crash. patients released from hospitals today are telling their stories of the disaster and their narrow escape.
>> ktvu's ken pritchett live at sf general with the latest on the injured and the recovery. >> reporter: 53 patients were treated at sf general. most of them have been released. 17 remain this the hospital, six in critical condition. today we heard from some of those patients who have been discharged. they told us about their experience escaping that plane. 34-year-old weng jang from china has bruises. her 4-year-old son suffered a broken leg crushed by the seat in front of him. >> it's horrible because i left the plane as early as possible because i take my baby to this hospital in their first ambulance. >> reporter: weng says the crash left about 10 seconds and she and her child escaped walking through a hole in the tarmac. >> a big hole. most of the bathroom is gone.
>> reporter: this woman also discharged today did not want her name used. she also escaped with her child. she said she looked back at the plane as they walked away. >> i saw the plane is broken and not far after 10 minutes the plane is fire. >> reporter: she said some passengers had time to pack bags. sf general's chief surgeon said none of the victims suffered severe burns. >> largeamount of abdominal injuries and a huge amount of spine fractures some including paralysis. >> reporter: the doctor says the injuries appeared consistent with passengers restrained with seatbelts and two passengers suffered severe road rush suggesting they were dragged. >> we're not -- road rash suggesting they were dragged. >> we're not sure if those patients were drug outside the plane. >> reporter: one of the patients in critical condition is alive, a girl, hopefully out in a week to continue vacation.
>> he says i don't want to stay at the hospital. i want to go to the america hotel. >> reporter: sf general received more patients than any other bay area hospital. in all according to san francisco fire 182 people were taken to the hospital to a dozen different bay area hospitals. for 9 of them are suffer -- 49 of them are suffering what's been described as severe injuries. -- >> stanford doctors treated 55 patients, 11 of whom were admitted, two patients now listed in critical condition and nine patients in fair or good condition. another seventh patients were admitted to lucile packard children's hospital. all of them are listed in good condition. tonight three of the four runways at sfo are back in service, but until full operations resume dozens of flights continue to be canceled or rerouted. ktvu's alex savage continues
with the travel frustrations that continue tonight. >> reporter: this afternoon another runway reopened at sfo. the airport is now using three of its four runway, all of them except the runway where the crash happened yesterday. that means more flights taking off and landing. still it was another frustrating day for travelers. exhausted travelers took naps in the terminals today. many people had been waiting since yesterday for a flight out of sfo. >> 10:45, thought it was canceled. >> reporter: leona bush was waiting in a long line at the ticket counter trying to get back to australia after her original flight was canceled last night. >> obviously they'll buy me out eventually. i've got no idea what my next night will be, but go with it. >> reporter: most people told me they waited over an hour just to check in today. more than 350 flights have been canceled since yesterday at sfo, but most passengers are keeping their cool and keeping the victims in mind. >> keep the perspective here.
all in all we're okay. we're fortunate. >> reporter: about 1:00 this afternoon sfo reopened runway 28r meaning three of the airport's four runways are now back online. many flights, though, are still hours behind schedule, but the airport director says the delays are improving. overnight this was the scene as many people slept in the terminals stuck at sfo. joanne shervinton from england was among them, glad she had a pillow and got some rest. >> you can't do anything about it. so there's no point in getting mad. you just have to get over it. >> reporter: after a flight home canceled late yesterday she tells me she's ready for her san francisco vacation to end. >> hopefully tonight fingers crossed. >> reporter: many airlines are waiving fees for travelers to reschedule flights in light of the crash. the question now is when sfo
will reall four runways and that depends -- reopen all four runways and that depends on the investigation. the wreckage of the flight is still on the fourth runway and it will likely stay there about the next week or so meaning minor delays could continue here at sfo. >> reporter: as you said, here at sfo there are three out of four runways operating. that means that flights here were diverted to other bay area airports and that's exactly what happened today. for the most part it was without any problems. we first went to oakland international airport. there we found long lines. oakland actually only handled a few extra flights. passengers there we spoke with said their arrangements went smoothly. >> we called up jetblue and they let us know it will be diverted to oakland and that was it. >> it's really not that bad. it's just a different airport. it's not even that far. >> we were able to get home.
we just landed back in oakland. we're happy to be back in the bay area, very sad about what happened yesterday and grateful it wasn't a worse tragedy than it could have been. >> reporter: jetblue provided shuttle service back to san francisco from oakland. san jose officials tell us that tater received about a dozen extra nights today -- that airport received about a dozen extra flights today, but officials anticipated that at the end of the long holiday weekend. back at sfo we are learning more about those who responded to the crash in the minutes and hours after it happened. coming up at 5:30 we'll speak one on one with a man who has been here since yesterday. mick mick, ktvu gasia mikaelian, ktvu channel 2 news. we'll tell you what one teen-age survivor saw off the
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some of the survivors of the plane crash from sfo were taiwan -- tae kwon do students. >> reporter: even though most of his teammates were traumatized, this young man told us he thinks the fact that so many people did survive this crash is cause for some celebration. david schimmel taught tae kwon do at a children's birthday party today, his way of maintaining a sense of normalcy after yesterday's harrowing flight on asiana airlines flight 2014. >> the master chen took a group of eight of us to compete, a
testing, train. >> reporter: the 19-year-old said he won a gold medal in the competition and the trip was trouble free until they approached sfo yesterday. >> first bump wasn't that scary. it was rough, but felt kind of like a roller coaster there. so it was kind of fun at first and thenwe once got sideways then we started fetal position and getting scared. >> reporter: he described the chaos that surrounded their group seated together in the middle of the plane. >> there was people hurt. there was luggage, everything fell, too like everything fell apart. there's people kind of trapped climbing over stuff to get out. >> reporter: as the story of survival started to spread, friends started dropping in to show support. >> i think it's a miracle that they walked away from that. >> reporter: some of the parents we met at the elite martial arts academy say they only just found out about the school's connection with the crash. >> all of a sudden i walk into a little kid's birthday party and find out that these people were hit right close to home.
>> reporter: the founder of this martial arts academy did not want to talk about the trip or what happened, but he has been updating the company's facebook page. so concerned friends can find out how everyone on that trip is now doing. reporting live in scott valley, patty lee, ktvu channel 2 news. the samsung executive on board that asiana flight who posted pictures on twitter right after the deadly crash said he woke up today feeling shake. david un tweeted feeling shaky from yesterday's experience but strengthened by outpouring of support from all over, reminded of how connected we all are. mourning those who died or were injured, thinking of two little boys with their mom hoping they weren't too traumatized. a number am people around the bay area may -- of people around the bay area may have seen the plane come down yesterday. this was taken inside a terminal at sfo. today the san francisco department of public health is offering mental health counseling free of charge.
in san francisco call 311. outside the city that number is 415-701-2311. people should take note of symptoms which include sleeplessness, anxiety, anger or irritability. our coverage continues throughout this newscast. coming up later at 5:30 we'll look at the investigation into yesterday's crash including what needs to take place as the ntsb looks for answers. >> in 15 minutes we'll return live to sfo with an interview with the salvation army disaster coordinator. right now we want to look at the weather and it's been very pleasant outside. >> the fog is making a big comeback and cooling off the bay area. lots of fog coastside and it will sneak back into the bay as we head into your early monday morning. that's the camera perspective.
the satellite perspective, you can't see the fog from monterey bay. cliff to pillar point, the golden gate bridge and up north. temperature -- close to pillar point, the golden gate bridge and up north. temperatures right now, san jose mid-70s and downtown san francisco checking in 60 degrees. forecast headlines tonight in the short term coastal fog pushing things back into the bay and tomorrow a sun/cloud mix and minor cooling. in the 50s to start out your monday, is not arose a 53 and ant -- santa rosa 53 and antioch 57. by lunchtime still patchy controversial overcast and by midafternoon partly cloudy skies for -- patchy skies
partly overcast and by midafternoon partly cloudy skies. here is a look ahead, your five- day forecast, temperatures about the same on tuesday. then we cool things off a little by midweek. coming up we'll look at the upcoming weekend forecast at 5:45. more than a dozen people injured in a six alarm fire in redwood city of, why firefighters say it took -- city, why firefighters say it took hours to put out this blaze. >> a homicide investigation blanched in the north bay after someone makes a -- is launched in the north bay after someone makes a disturbing discovery. >> and more details on the asiana plane crash.
a somber procession in arizona today as the bodies of 19 elite firefighter killed in the line of duty are returned to the area where they lived. white hearses carried members of the granite mountain hotshots from the coroner's office in phoenix to the town of prescott. the procession took several hours as all those vehicles traveled the 125-mile route. the firefighters died a week ago when winds suddenly shifted and blew a wildfire back on top of them. that fire is now 90% contained. firefighters are wrapping up a long day at the scene of an apartment fire that burned for hours today and injured at least 18 people. the six alarm fire started before 2:00 this morning at the hallmark house apartments on
woodside road in redwood city. firefighters had the fire under control by 10:30, but they've been pouring water on the structure all day. there are 72 units in the four- story building. fire crews say people on top floor balconies needed rescued from what they called a very challenging fire. >> a very stubborn fire with the aerial trucks trying to get into other areas to open up walls, ceilings and roofs to stop the spread. >> two firefighters are among those treated for minor injuries. the building sustained major damage and almost 100 people are displaced. the red cross opened an overnight shelter to help 40 of them. police turning the discovery of a buried body this weekend into a possible homicide. someone called friday evening to report the body in a shallow grave near lemon street along
mayer island street. investigators canvassed the area all day yesterday. the police have not released the person's sex or identity. anyone with information is asked to give police a call. in news of the world tonight in quebec dozens of people remain missing following a train crash that killed five people and destroyed several buildings. [ explosion ] >> that is home video as one of the cars explodes. the crash happened yesterday in a town 10 miles west of the u.s. border with maine. the 73 car train derailed causing several cars to explode into flames. about 30 buildings in the town were also destroyed in that blast. in australia a surfer is recovering after being knocked unconscious by the tail of a whale. this is cell phone video of that incident. look at the right side of your screen. you can see the spray of water as the whale flipped his tail knocking those two surfers off their boards. the injured surfer is recovering in the hospital and says it is absolutely hard to
believe ha happened to him of real. happened-- what happened to him was real. we will have more into the live coverage of the investigation of the plane crash at sfo, what aviation experts have to say about the difficult work ahead for the ntsb. >> reporter: some hotels are accused of price gouging. we set the record straight. >> plus we'll hear from more survivors of that terrifying crash. mom...
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going to have a crash and i thought i was going to die and then when it hit the runway so hard, yeah, it was obvious. all my loved ones just, you know, flashed in my eyes. >> passenger eugene ross said today he knew the plane was too low as it started to land and that everyone screamed when it hit. he called the crew heroic but said there was no warning before the crash. federal investigators are on the ground at sfo sifting through wreckage of that asiana boeing 777. today we learned the voice and data recorders were recovered and are already giving investigators key information about the moments before impact. many passengers are still stranded at sfo with hundreds of flights canceled. other flights are hours, even days behind schedule. asiana airlines says the two people who died in the crash were 16-year-old girls from china. more than two dozen people are still in the hospital, eight of
them in critical condition. >> as the investigation into that plane crash gets underway federal safety say it won't be a quick process. ktvu's tom vacar talked with a few experts who described what needs to take place and who will and won't be involved. >> reporter: aviation expert mike mccarren says the independent national transportation safety board is not beholden to the interest of the airlines, pilots, controllers or even the federal aviation administration. >> they don't want any political issues or financial, commercial. they want to find out the basic facts. >> reporter: dave miller was ceo when an air california jet crashed in an orange county airport. he has deep respect for the ntsb. >> here's professionals, their job and livelihood and more importantly their focus for their career is on finding solutions to problem. >> reporter: air crashes are rarely the result of 1 thing going wrong. almost always it's an
unfortunate chain of events for which there can be no rush to judgment. >> a lot of times it's a series of events that if any one of these chains were broken, it probably wouldn't have occurred. >> they can't afford a mistake. they will be slow, methodical and interview everybody. >> reporter: because the work is meticulous that burned out hulk will be sitting out there in mom us in plain site. >> they have to pick -- ominous in plain sight. >> they have to pick up every piece of debris out there. >> you don't push the ntsb to say how fast will you get finished. it will take a couple weeks. they have to go through a very technical procedure. you can't grab it and take it away tomorrow even though you'd like to. >> reporter: tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. accidents don't happen very often at san francisco often, want to show you pictures from 2008 when an electrical fire damaged a cargo plane.
the two pilots escaped without injury. 36 years before that in 1972 a cargo plane crashed into the bay just after takeoff. all three crew members on board survived and in 1971 a pan american passenger jet hit navigation gear at the end of a runway. everyone survived. in 1968 japan airlines flight 2 landed 2 miles short of the runway settling in the waters of san francisco bay, again in this incident everyone making it to safety. 100. >> 100. >> this is a flight simulator showing what the final approach should look like as a pilot lands on sfo's runway 28 left. according to the ntsb briefing, the target speed of the asiana speed should have been 137 knots. however, sources tell ktvu channel 2 news the plane was moving at just 90 knots 3 miles before impact. investigators say four seconds prior to the crash the so-
called stick shaker in the cockpit activated. that's an automatic warning to the crew the plane was about to stall. san francisco mayor ed lee today commended those first responders for their efforts to try yawning the survivors of flight 24 -- triage the survivors of flight 214 saying without their actions more lives would have been lost. >> gasia mikaelian is live with a member of the salvation army who is helping connect survivors to services. >> reporter: when we think of first responders, so many people think of police and firefighters, emergency rescue crews. members of the salvation army were on scene at sfo less than an hour after the plane crashed yesterday. we'd like to hear from one of them today. joining me now hive is major wayne froderburg of the salvation army. you were here in less than an hour of the plane crash. tell me what you and your agency did. >> i was shocked to see the
disaster occurred. it came across my ipad and i immediately called south san francisco pd and offered the services of our volunteers who have language skims in mandarin, cantonese and korean and 10 minutes later would received a phone call back and found ourselves here. >> reporter: you found yourself here about noon yesterday. you didn't leigh until 2 a.m. this morning -- leave until 2 a.m. this morning, went home for a short break and came back this afternoon. without violating any confidentiality with the people you're serving, tell me about some of the basic needs and requests the salvation army is getting. >> first our mission is to support in cooperation with other ngo's to be able to serve and help the people who were victimized by this tragedy and so we were pleased that we were
invited to share these translation services. america should be proud. we have this incredible response of all the national agencies, red cross, salvation army, private ngos and the state of california, city and county of san francisco and san mateo. america has brought its best people here to really reach out and help these people and in a very small way we were just privileged to have wonderful officers and volunteers who have skill sets who were able to translate these three key languages and to be able to facilitate communication with this wonderful team of caregivers that we're part of so that these one of skills, this wonderful gift these people have, can be brought to bear individually on a case by case basis. >> reporter: i understand you were saying mandarin, cantones and korean. i have a feeling you'll be back
here and you'll be busy all night long, so i'm going to let you go. thank you so much for joining us. so many people essentially came here to the actual airport terminal with nothing other than what they were able to grab as they were fleeing the site of the plane crash. for many this meant scrambling to find a place to stay overnight. we checked throughout south city and learned a lot of hotels are accepting these people who are stuck at the airport. we've also heard reports that some might be doing some price gouging. let's turn things over to my colleague jane hernandez live in south -- jade hernandez live in south san francisco. you were not able to find any spans of price gouging. am -- instances of price gouging. am i right? >> we apologize for the difficulty with jade's audio, but she did check with a number
of hotels around sfo and she was unable to find ed of price gouging going on. -- evidence of price gouging going on. the crash continues to impact travel across the country. this afternoon i spoke with one san francisco couple who was scheduled to fly today from portland to san francisco this morning, but they found out the flight was canceled and they would have to wait several days to get back home. >> and when we finally reached someone, they indicated that there were no flights. the flight had been canceled. there were no flights into any san francisco bay area airport until wednesday. >> i don't know if you heard him, but he said until wednesday. so instead casey sungrove headed to the hertz counter at portland international airport and it seems like a lot of other people had the same idea and while it has been frustrating sungrove says
they're making the most of it. >> we're fortunate enough to be able to have the means to have this alternative and we have the time to do it. so we're just kind of looking at it as a road trip. we're lucky and, you know, our thoughts and hearts are going out to those people who are affected by the crash. >> sungrove says 80% of the people waiting to rent a car with him were those with canceled flights to sfo. our web team is posting the latest updates on the sfo crash at and you can't miss it. it's all at the very top of our homepage. when ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 returns, a most unusual race of the america's cup today ends with an easy win. >> warm temperatures returning to the bay area. our meteorologist mark tamayo is coming up with the warmest day of your workweek. q
caltrans says it will let us know by wednesday whether the new eastern span of the bay bridge will be ready for its grand opening scheduled for labor day. caltrans plans to brief lawmakers on the project in a closed door meeting in sacramento tomorrow. we may hear news ahead of that final announcement on wednesday. meantime caltrans is still working on its fix for those broken bolts. the agency could decide to complete the work after the bridge opens to the public. bay area commuters are anxiously waiting to find out when bart labor talks will resume. there have been reports management and union negotiators will meet tomorrow, but neither group responded to our messages today. after almost five days on strike bart workers went back to work friday with their old contract in force for at least 30 days. we hinted things will be
warming up. let's check in now with our meteorologist mark tamayo. >> a little warm-up, but thankfully no triple digit temperatures, excessive heat long gone. the fog moderated the temperatures around the coast and keeping it chilly for the beaches. here's a look at this afternoon's highs ranging from the 60s in pacifica and san francisco, 70s around the bay and inland 80s to 90 degrees, so we did have a nice warm-up earlier today. right now here's a closer inspection and we have the fog hugging a good portion of the coastline from half moon bay closer to point reyes and basically near the golden gate bridge. this will increase in coverage overnight. it will be a factor first thing monday morning. temperatures right now updated still warm toward concord and livermore and fairfield. san jose currently 75 and san francisco cooled to the upper 50s already, 59 degrees.
we have a moderate wind toward fairfield, 18 miles an hour out of west, oakland winds 14 miles an hour out of west. san jose winds are 14 and sfo winds out of the northwest at 17 miles an hour. tonight coastal fog, breezy out there, tomorrow morning clouds and a little bump of the numbers. the extended, a sun/cloud mix and minor cooling, but these are all minor temperature changes the next few days. what's happening now basically into tomorrow, this area of high pressure continues to move into northern california and strengthen. as a result, this will be the source of our warming monday and tuesday. that means inland neighborhoods approaching the lower 90s and around the bay mid- to upper 70s and the fog nearby is capping the temperatures in the 60s. this is for monday and into tuesday a little warming trend and we gradually cool off later
in the week. here's our forecast models showing you all the cloud cover coastside and right around the bay, a few patches inland. this is the storm warning at 7:00 and clouds clear back to near the shoreline, maybe partly cloudy skies near the beaches, but bring the sweater and jacket. forecast highs tomorrow, the bright colors link up to the 80s and the warmest location inland right around 90 degrees tomorrow afternoon. so tomorrow and tuesday are the warmest days of the week. vacaville with 92 degrees, santa rosa right around 80 and temperatures inland reaching the upper 80s to lower 90s, san jose 94 and freemont 69 degrees. here is your five-day forecast, temperatures holding steady for tuesday. we cool things off a little by wednesday and thursday and with your weekend always in view it looks good for both saturday and sunday. it looks like sun at this point should be the warm -- sunday at this point should be the
warmest day approaching 90 degrees, basically a steady forecast with a little warming and cooling and make everybody happy. it certainly was a pretty day in san francisco. america's cup fans had a frustrating day. only one team showed up for the challengers for the first race. emirates team new zealand sailed alone to rack up a win against the luna rossi team from italy. that team is working on design changes. san francisco served as a perfect backdrop today for that huge speedy new zealand catamaran. coming up history made in london, the a's have a hit parade. >> and sports wrap is coming up next. ♪
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good evening, everyone. welcome to the sunday night sports wrap. it's a rare day when the dodgers beat clayton kershaw. this wasn't the day. there's a nice play when adrian gonzalez with a shot to right, hunter pence there to flatten out and take a hit away. dan gave up just one run in seven innings left with the game tied 1-1, but in the 9th gonzalez hits a shot off the glove of buster posey. posey compounds the problem with an ill advised throw that allows puig to go to third with
nobody out. sergio romo battled but can't escape when a.j. ellis hits a shot to center. andres torres can't get there. ellis goes to second with a double. the win goes to kershaw whose record improves to 8-5. romo takes the 4-1 loss. the mets come in for the first of three tomorrow night. the oakland a's continue to be a team with the look of being in it for the long haul. the a's flexed their muscles to win a game in kansas city today. one of the guys who made it happen was josh reddick. in the 2nd inning reddick faces luis mendoza and reddick finds the gap in left center and both runners score. 2 -0. mendoza didn't survive the inning giving up five hits and five runs. reddick next came to the plate in the 3rd off bruce chen, a two-run shot, two hit, two runs scored and four r.b.i.s on the day for reddick. 7-1 and the rout was on. jed lowrie joined in the home run parade off will smith in the 6th having a day as well
with three hits and a pair of r.b.i.s. 8-2 oakland and in the 7th it was eric sogard getting into the two-run act. the a's get 15 hit of the day. 10-4 the final as the a's stay a half game in front of the rangers who were winners today. inner league play resumes for the a's who play the first of three in pittsburgh tomorrow night. still to come on this early sunday night sports wrap, one tour in the book on the tour de france and we'll see something that hasn't happened in wimbledon in 77 years. we'll be right back. crystal geyser is always
bottled at the mountain source. crystal geyser. crystal geyser. crystal geyser. then we deliver it directly to you.
year was 1936. the english prime minister was stanley baldwin and franklin roosevelt was completing his first term as president of the united states. that was the last time a brit won the men's singles title at wimbledon. second seeded andy murray had that kind of weight on his
shoulders in today's finals facing top seeded novak djokovic. we stay in the far court as murray blasts an ace. murray was down 4-1 before rallying to win 7-5. murray in the near court in the 3rd set again falling behind this time 4-2 but rallied. murray won the last four games and broke serve for a 5-4 lead. on his third championship point murray forced djokovic to hit into the net and he had the final set 6-4. murray becomes the first brit since fred perry in 1936 to hoist the trophy at the all england club. it's the second grand slam title for murray who probably hasn't yet realized the gravity of his accomplishment. >> right now i'm extremely tired mentally and physically and i'm just relieved to have won that match especially after the way the last game went. it was just a crazy last game, but i think when i get to take a step back over the next
couple days to relax and think about what i did today, i'll realize it was a big day in our sporting history. it was a big day for the british umpire in the tour de france as well. daniel martin of ireland is in the dark blue jersey oversaying denmark's rider in the lighter blue. martin hangs on and winds the ninth stage on the second and final day in the pyrenees mountains. another brit chris from of england be its to hold the over- - continues to hold the overall lead and that will do it for sports on this sunday night until 10:00. final update on the asiana airlines crash at sfo, the clearest video surfaced today and is expected to be a key tool for ntsb investigators. >> the two black box recorders have been recovered and suggest the plane was fly doing slow and too low on final approach. airline officials confirm the
two fatalities were 16-year-old girls from china. meantime investigators are looking into the possibility that a vehicle driven by a first responder at the scene may have run over one of those two girls. >> we will be following all the latest developments there and have much more coverage coming up tonight at 10:00 news. >> our coverage of that deadly plane crash continues including what experts have to say about that new video that shows the moment of impact. thank you for making ktvu your source for news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> remember we're always here for you online at and mobile ktvu. we hope to see you back at 10:00 tonight, everyone. boy, look at that, a beautiful shot today.
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